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Product ID: PTS-PT1111    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits 
Mix & Match DIY Water Quality Test Strip Kit
Description: Most economical water quality testing for science projects & repeated home testing. Buy just what you need. Test for Chlorine, Copper, Hardness, Iron, Nitrate/Nitrite, pH.
             More Information   

Product ID: PTS-PT101   Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
11 in 1 Water Testing Kits - Complete Package
 Home water test kit that tests for 11 elements in your water.               More Information  

Product ID: ITS-481199    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
13 in 1 Complete Home Water Test Kit
Description: Complete Home Water Test Kit gives the user rapid, comprehensive results that help to ensure safe drinking water without sacrificing cost.

           More Information  

Product ID: PTS-PT201I    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
8 in 1 Test Kit plus Iron & Hardness
Description: Iron Hardness Water Test Kits - allows you to test for both iron contamination and water hardness. The PLUS in this popular kit are tests for 6 more water problems: 8 different tests in one kit.         More Information  

Product ID: PLB-MO109    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
Mold Test Kit Professional Quality at Home
Description: Medical studies have found that mold is the #1 cause of allergic symptoms. Test your home today!               More Information  

Product ID: PLB-ON102    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
One Flush Septic & Plumbing Treatment Concentrate
Description: Easy to Use - Just Drop & Flush. Non-toxic, safe for all pipes. 3 month supply.               More Information  

Product ID: PTS-PT301PH    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
pH Foil Packet Test Strips
Description: pH Double Strip Packet - 2 strips per foil packet. 

          More Information  

Product ID: PTS-SCHLKIT    Category: Testing Kits - Test Kits
Science Fair Project - Water Testing Kit Experiments and Instruction Materials - 5 sets.
Description: Water knowledge booklets and test strips engage students in identifying 8 water contaminants / conditions, and learning appropriate corrective action to improve water quality.                 More Information  


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