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Product ID: BSHH-EASY   
Category: Bicycle Seats & Covers

Dual Pad Easy Seat

Description: This unique dual pad design is recommended by doctors to help ELIMINATE prostate and genital pressure. Add the optional genuine Sheepskin Covers or the new Gel Padded Covers for extra comfort.

Weight limit 400+ lbs.


  • Adjustable width for your Derriair!  Adjusts from 8-3/4" wide up to 10-1/4" wide!
  • The EASY SEAT has always been more comfortable than any other seat. But the new edition is even more stable.
  • The individual pads flex with each movement.  Pads 4-1/4" x 7"
  • Improved contour for better support, and a unique padding configuration to eliminate rubbing.
  • The body is supported where needed most.
  • This unique design eliminates the center horn completely which is the cause of discomfort in many conventional saddles.
  • The two individual cups support and protect the pressure points of the body alleviating chaffing, pain and numbness.
  • Manufacturer guarantees use for large people.  This seat uses a steel bar for support!

The Easy Seat is a uniquely designed firm seat. It may take time to adjust to the firm dual flexing pads. Try it for a couple of weeks and see.

Need this seat for an exercise bike? We have bike seat adaptors that fit any exercise bike.

Click here to choose the correct adaptor by exercise bike model.
Click here to choose the correct adaptor by shape.

Adaptor Kits (You only need an adaptor kit for exercise bikes.)

with Universal 3 Hole Adaptor Kit
Adaptor Kit $32.95 
Fits: Tunturi, ProSport and Vital Fitness 
Exercise Bikes.

with Universal 4 Hole Adaptor Kit
Adaptor Kit $34.95 
Fits: ProForm, Weslo, 
and Nordic Exercise Bikes. 

with Custom Adaptor Kit - 
Adaptor Kit $39.95 
Fits: Any Exercise Bike. 

with Round Post Seat Clamp
7/8" diameter add $3.00
Only used for older style bicycles

Price:  $49.95    





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