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Living With A Tankless Hot Water Heater

I first heard about tankless hot water heaters a little over 20 years ago. My husband and I were newly married, living in an apartment and liked to watch home improvement shows. On one particular show, the homeowners were adding a master bedroom and bath addition onto their home. The master bath had a large Jacuzzi tub. The plumber suggested adding a tankless hot water heater for the new tub, as it was very large and required a large amount of hot water to fill. My husband and I were fascinated by this concept and really never forgot it.

Later, we purchased our first home. The hot water and furnace situation were very old. However, the home had no access to natural gas and there was a several year waiting list to get natural gas into our home. We had fuel oil and electricity. We were unable to find any tankless hot water heaters that would accommodate the utilities we had and wound up purchasing a standard electric tank type. Of course, this was many, many years prior to the Internet. Now you can obtain a tankless for electric, natural gas or propane. Healthy Home Mall carries all three types and in different sizes to accommodate your needs.

Many years have passed. My husband and I have lived in many places and many different types of homes since that time, all with conventional tank type water heaters. Recently we built a cabin in the woods. We had the unique opportunity to install a whole house tankless hot water heater into the cabin.

I must admit that once my husband started explaining the different ways we would have to use the water, I became a little skeptical. However, I can tell you that after 2 months of living with this wonderful little device, I am sold!

Now, I have hot water, all the time. The only time I have to "wait" for hot water, is when I turn on the faucet and wait for hot water to reach where I am. Maybe 3 or 4 seconds. That's it. Once the hot water is flowing, it continues to flow until I turn it off. I doesn't matter that my husband has just gotten out of the shower or that I have been doing load after load of laundry for hours.

When I want to take a shower, I turn the hot water on full. The pressure is a little less than what I was used to but I have found that does not matter anymore. I really don't notice a difference now. Once the water is hot (about 2 seconds) I add cold water until the temperature of the water is what I like. That's it. No more having to adjust the temperature of the water several times during a shower. No more danger of scalding or being suddenly frozen at the loss of hot water. I could stay in the shower for hours if I wanted to. I never run out of hot water.

The only restriction we have is that we can not shower and do laundry at the same time. Well, we never could do that with a conventional type water heater either. There are bigger units that would accommodate this kind of demand but we didn't feel it was necessary for our needs.

My husband and I have 3 dogs and we do all of their bathing and grooming ourselves. One of the things that I really like about this water heater is that the temperature never fluctuates. So once I have set the water to bathe a dog, it always stays that way. No danger of the water becoming too hot for our furry friends. The dogs seem to like it too!

Now I can say from experience that a tankless hot water heater is definitely an improvement over the tank type. I have hot water whenever I need it and we save money by not having the water heat and reheat in a holding tank. I would recommend it to anyone!

Update: It has been over a year and a half since we installed the tankless hot water heater. I can tell you that I love it as much now as I did after those first 2 months! We have saved so much money on our electricity bill too because we are not heating and reheating water in a tank when there is no one home to use it. I am completely sold and will never go back to the conventional tank type again!

D.L.P. Rexford, Montana


If you would like to learn more about Tankless Water Heaters, 
Visit All About Tankless Water Heaters .com

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