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Chair Pads - Seat Pads for the Home and Office
plus Cars, Planes, Trains, Trucks and Stadium Seating

Recumbent Bike Gel Seat Pads

Deluxe gel cushioning for a more comfortable
ride on your recumbent bike - Seat Pads For Recumbent Bikes

The soft, pliant gel- and supportive foam-filled ribbed pads disperse weight across the width of the cushion, relieving point-of-contact pressure inherent in long periods of sitting (at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, in bleachers while viewing a sporting event and more). Thus, helping to prevent or lessen back strain as well as blood vessel and capillary constriction. For additional comfort, the center groove eliminates contact pressure on the tailbone and soft tissue.

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Now Available!

#1613 -The Butterfly Gel Cushion
16.5" wide x 13.5" long x 1" thick
or fold in half
13.5" wide x 8.25" long x 2" thick

Plus $8.95 shipping


Enjoy easy chair comfort even while working out in your recumbent exercise bike, or sitting for extended periods of time at work. A generous layer of soft, supporting liquid gel is encased within high density foam to conform to your contours and banish fatigue and discomfort once and for all. Soft polyester fleece cover removes for washing. 

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Now Available!

#055 -The Orthopedic Gel Cushion
18.5" wide x 15" deep x 3.5" thick

Plus $8.95 shipping




Chair Pads - Seat Pads for the Home and Office, plus Cars, Planes, Trucks and Boats too - Seat Pads      










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