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Consider Using A Chlorine Test Kit In Your Home

Why is chlorine in my water?
Many public water systems use chlorine as a disinfecting agent to kill pathogenic bacteria or other potentially harmful organisms. Chlorine is a poison that is very effective in killing bacteria, and from that standpoint, it helps provide millions of Americans with bacteriologically safe water. However, chlorine will not kill cyptosporidium cysts, and therefore does not guarantee micobiologically safe water. If your water comes from a private well, then a chlorination system in the well may serve the same purpose. While chlorine is important in effectively treating water, by the time it reaches your home it may cause your water to take on a strong taste and odor. In either case, it is advisable to test your water. 

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What can be done to reduce chlorine?
First you need to obtain and use a chlorine test kit. Click here to purchase a chlorine test kit. Then, activated carbon filters will reduce chlorine taste and odor, leaving you with great-tasting water. Filters for taste and odor are usually installed at the point-of-use under or near the kitchen faucet. Healthy Home Mall is proud to offer the PurGuard UV Water Filters. 

What are the problems associated with chlorine?
Chlorine may cause and unpleasant taste or odor in your water and ice cubes. This will also impact the taste of any food or beverage you make using that water. The unpleasant taste also discourages many people from drinking the recommended daily amount of water.

Another concern is dry skin, hair and scalp. Chlorine has been known to cause dryness and irritations with humans that wash with chlorinated water on a routine basis. Even pets who are bathed in chlorinated water sometimes develop skin problems. 

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