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Product ID: TV-5   
Category: Dehumidifiers

Temp-Vent Foundation Vent System Series 5 (Two Piece Construction)

Description: Help protect your foundation with Temp-Vent. The foundation is critical to the integrity of the home. Thatís why foundation ventilation is critical. Unventilated foundations are subject to built-up moisture that can eventually lead to costly damage.

Temp Vent foundation vent systems help protect this critical area of the home. Whatís more, ventilation can help control conditions that lead to mold, mildew, fungi, damp rot and unhealthy air.

But thereís more. If thereís one thing termites are attracted to, itís warm, moist, dead air environments such as those found under houses in crawl spaces or unfinished basements.

Temp-Vent foundation vents are designed to provide ventilation that can reduce moisture in these areas, which helps control termites.

A crawl space dehumidier with no drain or power needed!

Whenever possible, vents should be placed on all sides of the foundation. This will create an intake/exhaust system that delivers a steady flow of air. One vent should be installed for each 8 to 10 feet of foundation wall.

Most building codes require 1 square foot of open ventilation area for every 150 square feet of crawl space. Temp Vent Automatic Foundation Vents have 50 inches of net free area per vent. Therefore, you should install one vent for every 50 square feet of crawl space.

For crawl spaces with polyethylene installed, on 80-90% of the ground, the ventilation requirement changes to 1 square foot of ventilation for every 500 square feet of crawl space with a minimum of 4 vents installed to provide cross ventilation. For crawl spaces with polyethylene, install at least one vent for every 500 square feet of crawl space.

Automatic Foundation Vents
The non-powered, Automatic Foundation Vent will open and close automatically using a heat/cold sensitive coil. The louvers open completely at approximately 72įF and completely close at approximately 38įF. Unlike manual vents that can waste energy when no one remembers to open or close them, these vents self-adjust all year long.

Installation Tips for Automatic Foundation Vents:

  • For proper ventilation, one vent should be installed every 8-10 feet. 
  • Avoid dead air spaced by placing vents within 3 feet of each corner. 
  • A minimum of 4 vents are required to provide cross-ventilation. 
  • Dense shrubbery should be trimmed for the vents to be effective.


  • A heavy duty coil for dependable operation.
  • 8"x16" to fit into a standard block opening.
  • A net free area of 50 square inches.
  • The back of the vent is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

The Series 5 vents have a removable front frame (in addition to the removable back) that can be snapped on after installation. Series 5 also comes with a 2 inch oversized frame.

If installing vent in a below grade foundation, a vent well is needed.
Click here for vent well information.


TempVents are available through Pest Control Supply Companies such as:















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