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13" Wide Economy Exercise Bike Seat
For all exercise bikes.    

13" Wide Comfort Seat
New Gel "Sit-Bone" Pads
13" wide x 13" long!

was $39.95     
Our Price $34.95


A BIG ONE, Our most economical exercise bike seat. A big seat for such a small price. Extra thick vinyl top. Much thicker and durable top pad areas, compared to the competition! Coil springs on the underside help to smooth out the bigger thumps and bumps.  Note: This seat is not as soft as the more expensive seats or luxury pads.

* Actual measurements and product sizes may vary due to manufacturing processes.


Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

As always if you donít like your super soft, economy seat with coil spring, comfort seat feel free to return it for a full refund!! (less return postage) 

Note For Bicycle Owners:
Only 7/8" seat post mounts can be used on this saddle.
Mounting instructions are included.  Mounting may require a 7/8" round seat post Mounting Instructions

Please Note: This seat does require a 7/8" topped seatpost or exercise bike seat adaptor for proper installation. (Call us if you need help)

Note For Exercise Bike Owners:
Please note that exercise bike manufactures do not use a standardized mounting hardware. If you need an seat adaptor we have them in stock, so you can use this seat or almost any other seat you want on your exercise bike.  
Mounting may require an adapter kit.   7/8" Post Clamp Included with purchase.
Choose the right adaptor Seat adaptors instructions.  

If you have a question regarding compatibility give us a call.  

For additional comfort, 

add an extra 1 1/2" gel padding
on top of this seat!
For the extra gel padding add $54.95 .
add a genuine sheepskin cover
over this seat!
For the extra sheepskin cover add $49.95
Colors will vary, lighter or darker, whiter or redder! 
Call us if color is important to you.

13" wide Economy Exercise Bike Seat"  

help choosing  |  maker/model list



Adaptor Kits (You only need an adaptor kit for exercise bikes.)

with Universal 3 Hole Adaptor Kit
Adaptor Kit $32.95 
Fits: Tunturi, ProSport and Vital Fitness 
Exercise Bikes.

with Universal 4 Hole Adaptor Kit
Adaptor Kit $34.95 
Fits: ProForm, Weslo, 
and Nordic Exercise Bikes. 

with Custom Adaptor Kit - 
Adaptor Kit $39.95 
Fits: Any Exercise Bike. 

with Round Post Seat Clamp
7/8" diameter add $3.00
Only used for older style bicycles

See the Adaptor Shapes - Match Yours

Please Note: This seat does require a 7/8" topped seatpost or exercise bike seat adaptor for proper installation. (Call us if you need help)
7/8" Post Clamp Included with purchase.

Some exercise bikes have square, round or rectangular seat posts
 and only the original seat will fit these, you may contact your bike manufacturer for an adapter to use a standard bike seat, 
purchase a seat adaptor kit from us,
Call us and we will make sure our adaptors fit your bike,
 or we will custom make an adaptor to fit your bike.
Toll Free (855) 855-1976

Our adaptor kit will allow you to connect 
any modern bike seat to your exercise bike!

Exercise bikes are the old standbys of the home fitness world; they've been around longer than treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and skiers. Experts say exercise bikes are safe, effective, and as easy to use by seniors and pregnant women as by the most avid fitness enthusiasts. The stress on knees and joints is less on a bike

Fitness professionals and home users agree that a major problem with exercise bikes is an uncomfortable seat.  Another is boredom. The biggest mistake a consumer can make is getting a poorly made bike with few features to alleviate the pain and inevitable workout slump, or a bike that's so loud that you can't read or watch TV. 
Bob Howells of Outside Magazine warns that this is not the time to buy an off-brand, generic, cheaply made bike. A quality stationary bike will give you control over the intensity of your workout, options for specific courses designed to replicate the road bike experience, and they'll be quiet enough not to drive you nuts with noise. If the bike is more comfortable, you will get more exercise.  You have already invested in your health, invest a little in your own comfort and get back on your bike!  

Most exercise bike seats are poorly designed!  We have a solution!

There are recent concerns about Americans getting enough exercise.  Did you know that an exercise bike is a low impact exercise with great cardio-vascular benefits?  Watch TV, read, or play games while getting much needed cardio exercise.  Our bicycle seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably.  Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women. 








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